How to choose a comb and brush for your hair type?

A correctly selected comb is the key to healthy and well-groomed hair. In this article, we will explain how to choose the right comb, depending on your hair type. To get more tips, please read: best brush for fine hair
A good comb is designed not only to unravel and smooth strands, but it is also a massager for the scalp. Proper stimulation contributes to healthy hair growth; improper stimulation can even cause mechanical damage.
How to choose a hairbrush depending on the type of hair
  • For thick, thick, and very voluminous curly hair, combs with teeth of different lengths are suitable.
  • For thin and scarce hair, it is better to use soft bristles. Plastic and metal combs should be excluded.
  • For oily hair at the roots, combs made of natural wood are well suited.
  • Combs with sparse teeth are ideal for wavy hair and elastic curls, as they will retain the shape of curls or massage combs with soft bristles.
Types of combs for hair
  • A comb with many cloves stimulates the scalp. This option is suitable for medium-thick hair and the first combing after shampooing.
  • A comb with rare teeth is suitable for creating curls and creating a basal volume and fleece.
  • The classic wooden comb is suitable for beautiful hair, used for untangling and smoothing.
  • Brushing is a unique styling comb suitable for combing hair before straightening with an iron. It is a round comb with evenly distributed bristles.
  • Massage comb - comb with bristles made of artificial materials. Suitable for damaged hair and split ends.
The semicircular comb has a convex base and 7-9 rows of denticles located quite extensive. This comb helps in styling short and medium haircuts, such as a bean or square, and is excellent for pulling and twisting bangs.
A comb for untangling wet hair - the English language refers to wet brush - one of the latest trends in hair care. It is a convex comb with silicone teeth of different lengths. The comb fits comfortably in hand, it can be used on dry and wet hair, as well as immediately after washing. The comb is not harmful to the hair and is suitable for extended strands, damaged hair, as well as for thin and often confused (goodbye, tassels!).
What material to choose?
Metal combs are easy to clean and attractive at an affordable price. They are suitable for combing and dividing the hair into sections before creating a hairstyle.
Plastic combs are lightweight but not very durable. They are easy to wash, but they electrify your hair. More gentle option with similar properties - silicone combs, they are very convenient to take with you.
Wooden combs are the absolute favorite of the publisher. They do not electrify hair, are suitable for dyed hair and sensitive scalp. Among the most popular materials are birch and oak.
Ebony combs are more prevalent among men but are perfect for girls with short haircuts. Ebonite is a durable black or dark brown material obtained by the vulcanization of rubber. The article has antistatic properties and is widely used by professional hairdressers. Such combs are easy to care for, are not afraid of heating with a hairdryer, but also are quite expensive.


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