Includes official tours, stopovers and private visits.

The Royal Family continue to demonstrate their devotion to Nova Scotians through their many visits to the province.

The first visit was in 1787 by Prince William Henry, Duke of Clarence (who later became King William IV).

This website will showcase many of the royal visits that have honoured our small province.

Please don't forget to visit the Picture Gallery and Quotes section.

Above: 1939 - King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in Halifax. 

Video below - His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales delivers a speech at Grand Parade in Halifax, May 19th, 2014.  The Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia and Mrs. Joan Grant are seen to the right.

Video below - HM The Queen's speech at the Garrison Grounds in Halifax, June 28th, 2010. 

 Video below - more coverage of HM The Queen's visit to Halifax - June 28/29th, 2010

Video - Day 2 of the Queen's visit to Halifax, June 29th, 2010. 

Video below -  Day 3 of the Queen's visit to Halifax, June 30th, 2010. 

The video below shows some clips of HRH Princess Margaret's visit to Digby, Nova Scotia in 1958.

 The video below shows some clips of HRH Prince Andrew visit to Digby, Nova Scotia.

2009 -  Video of HRH The Prince Andrew, Duke of York in Halifax.

1919 - Video of HRH The Prince of Wales in Halifax. Halifax portion starts at 9.25 

1951 - Video of HRH Princess Elizabeth and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh in Halifax (starts at 43) and Sydney (starts at 44).

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